Plaster for the Seagrave Trophy

Plaster for the Segrave Trophy

The Segrave Trophy, which was named after Sir Henry Segrave, the holder of the world land speed record from 1927 until 1931 was instituted by the Royal Automobile Club in 1930, and awarded to British subjects who gave outstanding demonstrations of the possibilities of transport by land sea or water. The trophy was based on the statue 'England My Mother' and awarded annually. Up to six medals are awarded to persons associated with the winner of the trophy in the award-winning performance. Past winners of the Trophy are Sir Malcolm Campbell (1933 and 1939), Sir Stirling Moss (1957 and 2005), Sir Jackie Stewart (1973 and 1999), Barry Sheene (1977 and 1984), Wing Commander Ken Wallis (1968 and 1985) and Nigel Mansell (1992 and 1993). More recently the Trophy was awarded in 2007 to Lewis Hamilton, in 2008 to Allan McNish and in 2009 to Paul Bonhomme.

Bronze and gold seagrave trophy in 1930

The Segrave Trophy Bronze & Gold 1930

(Source: 2009 Segrave Trophy, Paul Bonhomme by the Royal Automobile Club)